Screen Printing is the industry standard for applying custom graphics and imagery to apparel for any occasion. Add your business logo, creative design, or phrase to any piece of clothing to create your own customized garments. From 12 t-shirts to 10,000+, we can handle any size order, producing high quality products quick, and affordably. We offers many different screen printing processes setting your product apart from others creating something unique.

Plastisol | Dye Discharge & Waterbase | All Over & Oversized Printing | Foil Simulated Process | Specialty Inks | Distressed Print | Tag Printing | High Density

Standard Plastisol

Plastisol is the most common form of ink used in the screen printing industry. Plastisol generally has a rubbery feel to it especially on darker garments when a base is required. We have many techniques and additives that can take standard plastisol and give it a puff effect or even a soft hand feel if requested.

Dye Discharge & Waterbase

This is the screen printing process we are famous for. Dye Discharge is the process of printing a bleaching agent and pigment all in one. The end result is a dark garment with brilliant bright colors and a soft hand feel.


All Over & Oversized Printing

Yes, we offer it and at very affordable rates. We offer oversized screen printing up to 20 inches” wide and 28 inches ”tall. Remember that while we make all efforts shirts have seams and ink sometimes becomes globby and spotty in these areas. We offer oversized printing up to 6 colors. We also offer All-over printing (36’’ x 40”) in 1 or 2 colour. This is generally used for background patterns and designs with loose registration.


Foil overlays are achieved by creating a layer of adhesive on the garment and curing it like a standard ink. Then a sheet of foil is placed over the adhesive and heat pressed onto the garment. We stock many different colors of foil: Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Black, Purple, Rainbow, Oil Slick, Iridescent, and Bronze.

Simulated Process

Simulated process is a screen printing technique that results in photorealistic images without using the CMYK format. It uses halftones of a few inks to produce the colours within the image. Applying the inks to a white base, makes the colours more opaque and the print really stands out. The result is a full colour printed image without it actually being full colour. This process is great for artwork that is photorealistic and detailed and printed on darker coloured shirts.

Specialty Inks

This is a broad term used to describe inks such as glitter, metallic, glow in the dark, reflective, puff etc. and will all have some type of up-charge. These inks usually work best as plastisol options although there are water-based specialty inks as well.

Glitter comes in many different color options and can be printed on almost any garment type. The glitter is suspended in a clear plastisol ink and we find that laying down a layer of similarly colored ink first and then drying it and applying the glitter on top it creates a very vibrant and wash fast print. There should be little to no loss of glitter with this method.

Metallic, a popular alternative to Foil comes in many different color options much like glitter but the difference is a more subtle, reflective metal look. The ink is tinted and has very fine flakes compared to the larger, visible flakes in glitter. We typically recommend using an under base of ink to give the shimmer more pop.

Glow in the dark ink adds an awesome highlight to any shirt! This ink can be used on many different garment types but it is recommended to use an underbase color such as white or a lightly tinted white, especially on darker garments. The natural color of the ink is a very light green and once charged with natural or UV light will then produce a bright green glowing effect in the dark.

Puff printing is a special additive that expands when heated to create a “3-D” look. This can be used on almost any garment type. Colors typically lighten up once printed so color matching may not be exact.

There are many other types of specialty inks available, although these are a few of the most common.

Distressed Print

Give your next T-shirt that vintage look and feel with a distressed application. We have mastered the art of making new things look old. Our designers will apply layers of vintage wash effects on top of your artwork. In printing, we’ll use lighter opacity inks to simulate an old and faded look.

Tag Printing

We will remove the original fabric tag and add a new custom screen printed tag. This creates a completely original garment that is branded and perfect for clothing lines.

High Density

High Density printing is similar to puff inks in which the print raises from the printing service adding depth to the print. The difference with high density inks is that a sharp edge is possible whereas puff inks are unpredictable and only produce a rounded edge. The process involves printing many layers of ink to build up from the shirt. This technique can result in a multi-leveled print that protrudes from the shirt. The process is very slow but the end product is unique.